Time for some Pepptalk…


So this is something I’ve been meaning to get round to for an age now but it’s always been three or four items down the list. Over the last year or so I’ve come to realise what an amazing, unrivalled source of CPD- I can’t even begin to list the ideas, techniques and resources I’ve ‘adapted’ from the ideas of fellow ed-tweeters (I even had help with the name for the blog from twitter – cheers @DrAdeno!).

And through twitter I’ve also had my eyes opened to the world of edu-blogging. I was amazed by the time and effort that many teachers seem to put in to this extra-curricular activity and it’s all a bit daunting really when you’re just starting out. But after following the blogs of people like @hrogerson, @hthompson1982, @kohlmand and many, many others, I know it’s time to dip my toe in and see how it feels.

Hopefully, this blog will be a great way for me to share my ideas and resources (I can’t keep up with requests to share on twitter!), therefore helping me and hopefully helping you in the process… Welcome to the PepperMill!


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